Fire extinguishing installations with aerosols

Technical equipment of buildings with fire fighting equipment with aerosols.


Fire extinguishing aerosol generators are classified by:

  • form;
  • table extinguishers substance;
  • commissioning mode;
  • possibilities of use.


The amount (mass) of chemical extinguishers (g) of the generator must be proportional to the volume of the enclosed space protected.

After the commissioning mode,the aerosol generators for the fire extinguishing can be auctioned with:

  • electricity;
  • heat;
  • mechanical or mechanical-pneumatic.

The aerosol generators with electric drive can be operated by manual control or automatic control by a transmitted signal detectors and a central fire signaling.

After the arrangement for extinguishing the aerosol generators in protected enclosed spaces, there are the following:

  • individual, usually in protected areas with small volume and placed in isolation;
  • independent systems, consisting of a network of fire-fighting aerosol generators (each generator with its own drive) usually provided in protected areas with high volume and there is the possibility of rapid fire outbreak;
  • automated systems driven by a centralized detection, fire detection, ensuring simultaneous triggering generators and fast reaction in case of outbreak of fire;
  • portable version less used.

The option to use independent aerosol generators for fire extinguishing may be ordered individually or in groups of up to 5 pieces. For such a variant you can choose areas that do not generate risk neighborhoods and isolated chambers that ensure supervision by staff.

Aerosol generators for the fire extinguishing comprise the following main elements:

  • housing;
  • solid extinguishers;
  • activator;
  • cooler;
  • electrical terminals, fuse or fusible (for driving activator);
  • discharge outlet.