• Fire detectors

    Fire detection and alarm systems are well known for their quality, versatility and optimistic design

  • PSI accessories

    for filling in the offer in the area of fire protection and extinguishing, we offer a generous array of PSI accessories...

  • ACS Systems

    ACS systems are used for the comand and control of sprinkler systems. Depending on the protected space, they are either air-water or water-water...

  • Pumps and pumping units

    Thanks to advanced technology, using these pumps leads to a decrease in energy consumption of about 40%-50%...

  • Fire extinguishers

    Extinguishers are permantently pressurized, being fitted with sunt presurizate permanent fiind dotate cu manometres which allow for checking the functionality of the extinguisher at any given time...

  • PSI equipments

    Gecomar can deliver a full range of PSI protection equipment which ensures protection against water, smoke and high temperatures...

About us

The company S.C Gecomar'60 Exim SRL was founded in 1994, having as a main activity profile the marketing of the PSI products (extinguishers, hoses, fittings) and parts of plants, elbows, industrial valves.

The next step was the production of PSI hose, with heavy duty environments destination in a relatively short period producing over 1.5 million line meters, making it the second domestic producer.
In the same stage, our company began producing welded elbow with the size (diameter) between 34 mm and 324 mm, thus managing to cover a part of the Bucharest market demand.
In parallel with these activities from the desire to meet the customer's needs but also to provide the best possible after sales we developed service activity of extinguishers, fire, technical assistance, staff training, design, realization and protection and detection PSI burglary protection.
Our products and services are aimed mainly at the construction and installation companies, and public institutions, autonomous administrations, etc.

Among our clients there are: ANCONI, ARCONI, ERBASU, ROTARY, BADUC, REGIILE AUTONOME RADET, SNCFR, DISTRIGAZ,, hotel companies as LIDO, Continental, Capitol.
Currently Gecomar is certified ISO 9001/2008 and provides the full range of PSI materials: extinguishers (including Novec 1230 - eco-smart system fire), sprinklers, hoses, powders, foams, PSI protective equipment, automatic control and signal ACS's, alarm systems and fire detection, hydrants indoor / outdoor installation products: elbows, flanges, tees, pipe and industrial valves in a wide range.
Presently our efforts are focused on providing quality products and our services, in terms of optimal prices by choosing specific solutions for each project
. The experience over time with our clients makes us look with optimism to the future challenges and the future standards of an European ROMANIA.

  • News S.C. Gecomar'60 exim srl was founded in 1994, having as main activity profile the marketing of PSI products (extinguishers, hoses, accessories), as well as installation parts, bends, industrial valves
  • Our services + checking repairing refilling extinguishers
    + fire proofing
    + technical counsulting
    + installation and service
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